Beauty Hacks: Summer Tips From Kayleen McAdams

With summer in full force, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the heat, the humidity, or the maintenance of keeping up with your typical beauty routine between dips in the pool, busy schedules and the nonstop fun events that the summer brings. But it certainly shouldn't get in the way of you enjoying all the glory this time of year beholds!   Makeup artist Kayleen McAdams, the younger sister to the beloved, talented and famous sister of actress Rachel McAdams shares her favorite beauty hacks to ensure you keep it fresh, simple and always beautiful no matter the time crunch or heat. Here are the artist's tips to consider. 1. Save water, save time Forgo washing your face, whether you're beachside and need to clean up that salty skin, or don't have a minute to spare under the sink. "I like to use POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes. These are easier because I can skip the sink and use them anywhere, cleansing just my skin while leaving my eye makeup perfectly intact," McAdams says. 2. Opt out of full coverage. What's worse than your skin feeling naked from your favorite foundation? Caking it on in the summer heat, which ends up looking like layers of melted goo on your face. Not cute. McAdams suggest applying concealer just where absolutely needed. "But if you feel you need a little extra coverage, try a tinted moisturizer like Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint.” 3. When in doubt, bold out If you can't beat the heat, and even concealer won't suffice, then McAdams suggest throwing on a bold lip color.  "It will brighten your face and enhances tanned skin even further. Try Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lip in Ballet or Muse.” What beauty hacks can you suggest for keeping it fresh all summer long? Source: InStyle    

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