Beauty in Your Scars

Happiness is what makes you pretty.  Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and reflect that happiness. Beauty is a word that challenges me because the way society sees it and the way I believe it seem to be two different things.  I mean… Why should people struggle in their life because society says they are not beautiful?  Why should anyone be made to feel ugly, traumatized or live with pain because of this one word Beauty??? When society speaks of beauty we think of all the glossy magazines, TV shows, models and celebrities. We see beauty as only being skin deep, superficial….an eye colour, big lips, a certain hairstyle or number on the scales. Sadly so many of us see or are taught beauty is a number, something that can be weighed or measured. For me beauty is different.  Beauty is someone who has known loss, failure, struggle and suffering and has had the courage and strength to soar again through all adversity. It is the light between what hurts and what heals. It is the compassion, understanding of others and life. It is the appreciation, sensitivity and kindness that have come from the shadows into the light.  Beauty is in our scars. We have all been hurt and left with scars some are outside and many are inside from broken bones and stretch marks to broken hearts and emotional trauma.  We must never be ashamed of our scars they make us more unique which in turn makes us more beautiful. It is a blessed and beautiful life to have lived a life so full and rich that we have scars to prove it.  It is a testament of our inner strength and our resilience. It is easy to put on clothes, makeup and beautiful jewellery and hide our scars but to put our scars in the spotlight and make them glitter like gold…..that is beautiful. I see scars and I see stories. I see a person who has lived… not just had a life but lived a life, a person who has depth, who is a survivor. Living is beautiful. Being a part of this world is beautiful. Beauty is not a photo shopped image of a celebrity, which someone is literally killing themselves to be so they can fit in.  It is not having no wrinkles, or a cellulite free body and a six-pack.  It is a smile that lights up the world, which has endured life’s challenges and is still beaming and lighting the world on fire. I think in order for us to make life beautiful we need to feel our smiles more than we feel our frowns. Sometimes all it takes for your life to change is a shift in perspective, one small action, one single word, and everything is different—an action like a smile or a hug, a word like forgive. Take a moment now to smile. Do you feel it in your muscles?  In your skin?  In your body?  Where do you feel happiness? When challenging times come we do not naturally feel happy and beautiful, but don’t worry because life gets challenging.  Happiness and beauty are everywhere, in everything and in every one of us…no matter who we are, our circumstances, what we have done and what we look like. Choose to smile— recognize that you’re strong, despite your insecurities, and the world is an amazing place, despite its tragedies. We may hurt, but we will heal—and there’s beauty in our scars. When you smile at someone (including yourself), this is an action of love, a gift to that person or, you. which is a very beautiful thing. If you need help turning your fitness journey into a lifestyle, click here. Fitness is not just in the gym - it is your mindset, your emotions, your entire lifestyle! 'Life is full of beauty. Notice it, Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams'. - Ashley Smith Here is a workout to help you jump to your own beat.. Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live in. 3 rounds increase the speed (aiming for more repetitions per exercise) each round with technique Intermediate to Advance 30 seconds tuck jump wide starting from low 30 seconds Squat kick 30 seconds Touch the floor with jump 30 seconds V push up Beginner 30 seconds Jump Squat from Low 30 seconds Squat kick 30 seconds Touch the floor without Jump 30 seconds V push up   readu?

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