Beauty Vlogger Gains 4 Million Fans After Revealing THIS Secret

Applying makeup is a part of your daily routine. Along with dressing yourself, doing your hair and brushing your teeth. These little abilities we possess seem so basic and trivial, we forget to be thankful for what we can do. For Jordan Bone, things are slightly different. Ten years ago, her daily routine was just like anyone else's. But after a car accident rendered her paralyzed from the chest down, her entire world was turned on it's head. beauty blogger vlogger youtube 25-year-old Jordan has become a successful beauty vlogger. She makes videos about blending out the perfect smokey eye and dyeing her hair like a mermaid. But what she doesn't show on screen is the struggle she faces just using a mascara brush. In a heartfelt and emotional video, she shows her viewers what she normally edits out. [embed][/embed] "I uploaded it because I wanted to let others know that they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves. I never thought in a million years I'd be able to do my makeup the way I do. It's basically a video to encourage people to live a positive life and to not put themselves down." Jordan explains. Her viral post has definitely given hope to those going through a tough situation. Fans have written loving comments about how they are inspired and amazed by Jordan. Did this video help you to appreciate what you have and encourage you to stay positive? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Cosmopolitan  

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