How to Become a "Normal" Eater

Stress or boredom eating is one of the worst saboteurs when it comes to trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Becoming a “normal” eater is all about getting back in touch with your body's basics of when you need to eat vs. using it as a crutch. Here are a few steps to get you started on your journey:

For 3 Days, Only Eat When You're Actually Hungry

Challenge yourself to eat only when your body is actually telling you to. More often that not, our bodies are so used to eating at certain “meal times” that we ignore our hunger cues. For 3 days, experiment with only eating when you're pretty sure you feel true hunger.

Try Eating Something You've Deemed "Off Limits"

How many foods have you forbid yourself from eating - only to find they start to develop a strange power over us. It’s impossible to feel normal around food when there's a constant battle between what you want to eat and what you "should" eat.  So now what? Why not try keeping your favourite chocolate in your bag and only if you REALLY want it, allow yourself a piece. Allowing this food back into your life lets you see that nothing horrible happens when you enjoy it, within moderation. Eventually, this food will stop being on a pedestal and lose it's control over you.

Pay Attention To Your Body

What food satisfies you? What food give you energy? And most importantly - what foods leave you feeling empty or uncomfortable? If you’re constantly looking for something else to eat after your daily lunch, consider whether that choice of food is really satisfying you. Learn what types of foods make you thrive and which don't. No diet can give you this information; it can only come from your paying attention to yourself!  

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