The Bedtime Reading App Specially Designed for Servicemen and Women

A few years ago, a picture of a man in uniform went viral over the web.  But it wasn't in the midst of a terrible battle or at Guantanamo Bay.  It was a father awkwardly trying to position a book in front of a webcam so that he could still read his daughter a bedtime story.article-2545871-1AF377BC00000578-472_634x553   The photo prompted four students at the Imperial Business School in London to create an app that allows separated families to still engage in bed time stories.  The founders are hopeful that the app will appeal to military families, grandparents, families going through divorce, and office workers working late. The app was created to help families bridge long distances and to be able to still have time together.  The app is called Caribou and is free on iTunes.  Its incredible to see how far technology can take communication and that simple family oriented activities aren't being forgotten.  This is something I'll definitely be putting on my iPad.

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