Beginner Blast #2

Time for another Beginner Blast workout! Did you catch the first one? Check it out here! Like the first workout, you will have 10 standard exercises to be completed 10-15 reps each or for 30-45 seconds each. As I mentioned before, using the timed way, you may find you are getting more reps of certain exercises (say jumping jacks) and less of other exercises (say walking plank). The point I want to stress with this program is to GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. If the 30-45 seconds works great for some of the cardio moves, but the bodyweight strength works better for you to go as a rep'd exercise or vice versa, then go for it! You know your body best and can always increase the intensity as you go forward. As far as how many rounds, I would shoot for 3x through. If you feel great after 3x and want to go a bit further, then more power to ya! If you are adding this at the end of a power walk or cardio session, then maybe shoot for 1-2x through. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs!


HIGH KNEES (you can also jog in place if that works better for you) ALTERNATING REVERSE LUNGE JUMPING JACKS SQUATS WITH ALTERANTING KNEE LIFT WALKING PUSH UP BICYCLE ABS PUSH UPS 1-2-3 SQUAT THRUST REVERSE CRUNCH WITH TAP I go through one time with you here shooting for 15 reps each (or 45 seconds). If you are a beginner and looking for more beginner workouts, BODYROCK has a series for beginners! Check the playlist out here!

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