Beginner Running Inspiration: The First 10 Minutes Suck For Everyone

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. I tried to start running last fall and I was barely out the door before my chest felt like a resting place for an elephant. My legs felt like lead and I'm pretty sure I was seeing stars. Sucking wind is an understatement. I was lapped at the local track. More than once by more than one person. I wish I could say I stuck with it, but I didn't. If I had, I would have learned a thing or two. The fact is, endurance builds. It doesn't take long, a few weeks, to be able to run those first several minutes without stopping. Starting slowly (and sticking with it) is key. If your jog pace is more like a brisk walking pace, so be it. Take each day as it comes. Some days, you'll be able to run longer without stopping, some, you'll barely get out of the those first 10 minutes. It's all okay. Just don't quit. Talking to runners helps. Many runners say that it can take them up to 3 miles before they feel good. See? Those first 10 minutes suck for everyone! But once you're past it, you hit your stride and your energy is high, your muscles feel strong and you'll feel like you could run forever. If you are finding it hard and are thinking of giving up, don't. Take it easy, your own pace is the only one you need to think about. Breathe through those first 10 minutes. Make sure you warm up, fuel yourself properly, hydrate and stretch to prevent injury and soreness. This information is enough to make me want to try running again. Who's with me? h/t: POPSUGAR

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