Beginning My Journey Back: Postpartum Recovery

This morning I lay in bed nursing my newborn and thought, 'I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since I gave birth to this little guy.' I am now 5 weeks out since I gave birth to my 3rd baby. In ways it feels like it was just yesterday that I was headed to the hospital, but then in other ways it feels like it's been 3 months already. When I think back to the birth of my first, I can remember how ill prepared I was for the WHOLE process. Each day seemed like an eternity, but at the end of the week, I couldn't believe a week had already past. I was exhausted, emotional and all over the place. I was not very confident in my mothering skills, but seemed to get by just fine. Fast forward 5 years later, now with 3 kids, I am much more confident, have a better control of my emotional state, and know that through all the exhaustion and sleepless nights nursing my baby boy, I will get by just fine again, so to try and enjoy each step of the way. This was my 3rd C-section birth and 3rd go round with C section recovery. Each time it does get a little easier than the first since I know now what to expect, but there are also things I just somehow 'forget' each time. My husband will remind me, 'no, that happened last time too,' to ease my worries on many things such as how long it took the last time for me to lose all the water weight from pregnancy, OR how long it took for my legs and feet to not look like tree trunks from the severe edema I experience. Right now it feels like a fleeting memory, but I can tell you when I'm in the thick of it, it's ALL I CAN FOCUS ON (aside from my baby)! Anytime anyone saw my legs, they were mortified. Fortunately and unfortunately, this is just how MY body reacts to pregnancy and I had it with all 3, but it doesn't make anything easier!! But, I guess if this was the only thing I could really complain about, I was ok. Staples were taken out after a week and all was on the mend. I had always had dissolving sutures, but this time around they used staples. Not too crazy about it since it felt VERY strange once I was moving around and felt like Frankenstein with the metal closing me up, but the scar so far has healed really nice and looks like in due time will be almost invisible as my other 2 were. Took it easy for the first 2 weeks and recovered. Giving birth is a major event however you deliver, so allowing yourself time enough to recover is always key. It's hard once you come home and you are dealing with once again having other kids to care for, errands to run, kids to take to  school, house to keep to then on top of that throw in a newborn to look after . The motto of "sleep when your baby sleeps" always sounds like such a magical pill, but finding the time to sleep, always seems to be a struggle. I do what I can, but don't really ever feel like I've caught up on my sleep. Again, something I know I will hopefully get back in a few weeks. Three weeks in I started walking with my kiddos in the BOB stroller (2 year old and newborn) and my 4 1/2 year old road her bike. It's nice to incorporate fitness in our lives and my 4 1/2 year old is so interested in anything physical I do! She always sees me prepping for my boot camp classes I teach as well as training my clients (while with a sitter), or just doing my workouts myself. The walking helped a great deal postpartum just to get out and get some fresh air and move my legs. I continued with this for 3-4 weeks post C section with some LIGHT band/tubing work on my upper body. There are certain movements you really need to avoid with C section recovery i.e. anything where you are squatting and lifting weight, think squats and lunges, and all core/abdominal work, and most the HIIT workouts as well. I made the mistake of doing some light snow shoveling after we got a foot of snow and paid for it after feeling too sore. My doc also got after me for it, but did clear me to do light jogging. I ran up until a couple days before I gave birth to my third and have been a runner for 20+ years. I started with some light jogging which does feel good, but again, listening to my body being the key thing. I worked with my OB during my 2nd/3rd pregnancies with my workouts pre and postpartum, but everyone is different. There are so many contraindications to working during pregnancy, and guidelines to follow postpartum as well. I will continue to incorporate some light upper body weight work for the next few weeks and see how I feel around 8 weeks postpartum in terms of returning to my DailyHiit workouts! I want to try Lisa's 30 day challenge too! IMG_1580Looking forward to that as well as setting a goal to run a Superhero 1/2 Marathon in May. I ran it last year at 7 weeks pregnant (see photo!), which I had trained for for almost 3 months. Ran it in 1.45, so hope I can match that this time around. I have plenty of time to train so not getting ahead of myself. Just enjoying my newborn baby and loving every single minute! He is a absolute blessing and his 2 big sisters are just as much in love with him as me and the hubby are. Check in with me on my journey back and see how I incorporate the HIIT workouts back into my routine, as well as 1/2 marathon training. As I had blogged previously, I was in the process of repairing my diastasis recti from my 2nd pregnancy and plan to start that recovery again in about a week, wearing the splint and completing the daily exercises. I will continue to monitor the progress and post on it as well! Please reach out if you have any questions on your own postpartum recovery or anything you would love for me to cover in future blogs! Thanks for all the love and support so far! xo Krissy [caption id="attachment_39939" align="aligncenter" width="350"]1 week postpartum with baby #3! 1 week postpartum with baby #3![/caption]

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