What The Beginning Of A Relationship Feels Like After The End Of So Many Others

Falling in love has a rhythm. You meet, you fall shamelessly in love and it works. For a while. You fall into the peace that comes from blending your life with someone else's. You feel safe. You can stay here. Things will be okay. You can trust this. Except you can't. Sometimes things fall apart. You wake up alone. Or you get busy with your day and don't answer your texts as often. And then something major comes. A lack of communication or a compromise you both would like to make but don't. Sometimes our principles supersede our emotions and we let them rip us apart. So, again, we learn to be alone. And it isn't really so bad. You're the only person you can really count on anyway, right? And then it starts all over again. You meet someone who has a smile that lights your night. Their touch makes you quiver. It is perfect and genuine. But you can't help but remember that this beginning may already signal the end. This person who lights your life, may end up being someone you can't stand after all is said and done. Everything you love about them may end up being everything you hate. You want to ask, should we really start this up? What if I end up hating you? What if everything I love about you will soon drive me around the bend? What if we become indifferent to one another? You want to ask these questions. But you don't. You know, the most important questions are the ones you should be asking yourself. Will you regret this? 4 years from now, if you could go back in time and skip this relationship all together, would you? Will you know one day that none of this is worth the pain? Maybe it isn't all about the end. Maybe it will end in utter disaster, as you fear, but it is just as likely to be worth every single second. There is a very real possibility that this relationship will teach you more about love, life and yourself than you could ever imagine. Love is always worth the pain. We can never learn too much from one another. Taking a chance at love gives us the opportunity to grow bigger and bolder and become better people than we were before. Maybe you just need to be brave enough to take that gamble, you never know, it might work. And maybe heartache is just a byproduct of something that is much bigger, more powerful. So powerful that it eventually outweighs the pain. Loving and losing and trying to love again shows you that you are capable of surviving anything. You are strong enough to choose growth (and the possibility of love) over fear each and every time. h/t: Thought Catalog

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