Behind the Scenes

I've been struggling a lot with this lately.  Living in our age of social media and the 24 hour news cycle it is so easy to get caught up in the mistaken belief that everyone else's life is perfect and that "they" don't struggle with what we do.

I'm going to be an open book here...I struggle with a lot of things.  Trying to be the best mother I can.  The best wife, friend, sister, daughter.  My behind the scenes is broken right now.  My mother is flagrantly maintaining a 2 year long affair and in the process is throwing away a 28 year long marriage and relationships with my sisters and I.  Family is supposed to be what you can always count on...your mother most of all.

It's easy to approach this blog by pretending that struggle is momentary or that strong people just plow right through.  Sometimes that is true.  Other times...the muck drags you down and it's a struggle to get back up.  It's also a struggle to remember that we are not our parents nor are what happens to us.  We are the choices that we make daily.  Because of the daily choices my mother has made, she has dug a hole so deep that escape is almost beyond her reach.

So to all of you struggling or those dealing with the fallout of the choices of are certainly not alone.  Never be ashamed to raise your hand and say, 'Yes I struggle and yes I'm a human being.'  It helps.  It relieves some of the burden.

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