Believe It Or Not, Ski Jumping Used Be More Insane.

The Sochi Winter Olympic games are upon us, showing us that playing in the snow can indeed blossom into a serious and respected achievement. As countries send out their best to take home as many medals as possible, we watch in pride for our countries. Also because all of our favourite TV programs are put on hiatus until it's over. I need to finish How I Met Your Mother damn it. Of course there is still some entertainment to be had, besides the hockey I mean. There is Ski Jumping for instance, which when you really sit down and watch, is absolutely bananas. Shooting yourself off a ramp at top speeds, no padding, in a hilarious leotard, trying to land the farthest, while maintaining style and grace. I have nothing but respect for these people as I get winded when I drop off a 8 foot ledge, but how the hell do you find out this is what you want to excel in? Do they just look at these mammoths and said "ooooh yeah I'm goin' down that. Hold my poles."? Holmenkollen_ski_jump Thats the Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Norway. Yeah, thats a whole lot of NOPE right there. Nope, nope, nope, no gaddamn way. Regardless, some people manage to do it, and do it really well. Ski Jumping that we are familiar with today really has changed in the past 30 years. It actually used to be even more intense, and even gruesome. Before the "V" technique was introduced, and before the tracks had been modified, Ski Jumping was insane. See what I mean in the video below. 0:47... Ouch. Good luck to all our brave athletes out there. Bring us back some goooold.

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