Bella Hadid Suffered From Lyme Disease In Silence, Until Now

"My babies have been struggling in silence, I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure." Yolanda Foster emotionally said about her model daughter, Bella and son, Anwar. The Real Housewives star was diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2012, and her children have also contracted it. She has revealed that watching 18-year-old Bella and 16-year-old Anwar suffer has broken her heart. She made a heartfelt speech that the Global Lyme Alliance Gala in New York City, unveiling her family's hidden secret. "When my two youngest children, Bella and Anwar, were also diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in early 2012, watching my babies struggle in silence in order to support me in my journey, struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me." says the 51-year-old mother.  Lyme Disease is very serious and can be life threatening. It is contracted by infected tics piercing the skin of humans and causing rash, flu-like symptoms and muscle pain. If the disease is not properly diagnosed in it's early stages, it can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, paralysis and heart failure. Yolanda and her family were unable to have the disease detected early, and are now suffering with the longterm effects. Sister Gigi also spoke to the gala crowd, saying "I'm the only one in, of my siblings, my mom and my family that hasn't been affected by Lyme disease. It's been really hard for me because I'm the only one that doesn't really understand it." Do you know anyone who has suffered from this horrible disease? What are your thoughts? Source: Daily Mail  

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