Bella Thorne Admits She Likes Looking "Bigger"

For many of us, we work out to blow off steam, clear our minds and keep our bodies in check. For others, we're focusing intensely on slimming down and toning up, whether we need to shed a few pounds or a lot of pounds. And then there are those lucky few that already look thin and toned all on their own, and you wonder if they'll ever hit the gym in their lives. bella thorne The beautiful teen bombshell Bella Thorne is one of those people. The media snaps photos of her everywhere, looking effortlessly gorgeous in her natural state. But recently, the booming actress has taken to the gym for two-a-days to get in the best shape she can be in. And the result? She's gotten bigger! bella thorne "I never used to work out. I was just so lazy," Thorne has admitted. "Now, I literally work out every day. I go to SoulCycle in the morning, then I go to the gym with my brother and [boyfriend Tristan Klier] and all of our friends," she said. "We usually do legs, biceps, back, and I do a full abs workout." bella thorne And while some people think of the word "bigger'" when in reference to their figure as a negative comment, Thorne sees it as a sign that she is achieving her healthiest self. "I'm definitely bigger," she said. "It's cool with me. I like being in shape and fit." What do you think of Bella Thorne's new figure? Does she look healthier and more fit to you? Source: Us Magazine   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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