The Belly Binder: Something All New Moms Need to Know

Maybe you have heard of it. I hadn't. Pregnancy, pregnancy body, delivery, postpartum was all new to me.  I read all the books that I could, I read blogs, I talked to women in the family, but I just didn't know what to expect AT ALL. With that said, I had never heard of the belly binder.

See I have this really close cousin. She is a mom, and she had to have a C-Section due to some health issues. She had read all about the belly binder, what it does and how it helps the woman after birth. She shared how she desperately needed it and that women have been doing the belly binding thing for centuries.

She shared how it helped her immensely after her C-Section and how it pulled her back together.  So she sent me one to help me. Although I didn't have to have a C-Section it was amazing how it helped me. (FYI: Us moms need to stick together.)

Prior to delivery, I also did research to find out if the belly binder would help out with diastasis recti or the separation of the abdominal muscles.  I found primarily other blogs by other moms. Every situation that was discussed is that the belly binder helped their diastisis recti, but it has to be in conjunction with engaging the core properly for postpartum women, and healthy eating.

See, I had a major sway back and like all new moms my stomach was extremely pushed out. (I know all moms do, but I felt like mine was very noticeable). The belly binder helped my body go back into alignment. I can remember wearing the binder right after my daughter was born. I felt like I wasn't sticking out there randomly into air, but that I was pulled together the way my abs were supposed to be. I work the binder up until I was released by my doctor last week. It is a great tool for postpartum moms.

With that said after every child I have I will be wearing a belly binder.


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