Bench Press Chest Exercises

The bench press is a classic among chest exercises - and it works more than just your chest. In one simple move, you not only pound your pecs, but you also engage your triceps, shoulders, core and back. That’s a lot of muscle in one simple move. If you want to cash in on a classic, you’ll need some extra resistance. We recommend a barbell, dumbbells or a sandbag. We also recommend that you have a sturdy and stable bench you can lie on. If you don’t you can do this exercise on the floor - just bear in mind you’ll limit the effectiveness of this exercises lower range of motion since your elbows won’t be able to drop below your shoulders. To begin, grab your weight and lie flat on your back on the bench press or on the floor. Hold your resistance directly above your chest, grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. (There are different grip variations of the bench press which target different muscle groups, but for now, we’re sticking to the basic bench press.) Keep a soft bend in your elbows. Inhale, driving your chest upward and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes together. Next, lower the weight down so your hands stop just before they reach shoulder level. Exhale as you push the weight back up - but keep your chest lifted. Remember not to lock your elbow joints. Maintain that soft bend in your arms. Ensure your wrists and elbows remain aligned. Some important considerations: Start light and only increase the weight once you've perfected your form. If you’re at a gym and lifting super heavy, enlist the help of a spotter to ensure your safety.

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