The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Most of us don't take cold showers on purpose. Nothing worse than being the last one in but you might want to actually start turning down your shower temperature on purpose. A cold shower can benefit your mood, metabolism, immunity and your hair! "A cold shower leaves oils in the skin for natural moisture,” explains Jessica Krant, M.D. “Any water exposure strips away the skin’s natural oils, but hot water does this much faster.” Short showers are where it's at when it comes to your skin and the colder your shower, the easier that will be to accomplish. Dq3xaW070HOXLBgBi1A2Ja-tHvs5JOHYE0HkOLaPjAI You don't have to be in the shower long to get the benefits of the colder temperature. One study found that 5-7 minutes in 60 degree water increased white bloods cells as well as your T cells. Cold showers are something of a shock and they ramp up your cardiovascular system which gets your metabolism going for the day. There is also some suggestion that the cold chill could activate brown fat which helps burn calories. If the thought of spending so much time in the cold sounds horrifying, start by turning your shower down to 68 degrees for the last 2 minutes. A study examining depression used this method and over a two week period showering at that temperature lifted the moods of the subjects. There are also beauty benefits of a cold shower. As Krant explains, "ending a shower with a blast of cold water will help seal down the cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft. When the cuticle is sealed flat, instead of raised up like shingles, the hair shaft is more translucent and reflective, giving it a glow and shine difficult to achieve when a rough cuticle causes dullness." A cold shower isn't going to completely change your life overnight. You aren't going have luscious locks or elevated mood immediately. But these benefits certainly sounds more than worth. It isn't really like you have anything to lose. So, turn down the dial for a few minutes and see what happens. Best case, it works and you look and feel better. Worst case, you save money on your electricity bill. How can you go wrong? h/t: Shape

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