Best And Worst Things To Drink When Trying To Lose Weight

Alcohol is full of empty calories! But there are some that are jam packed, and others that are the better choice when drinking! Obviously, not drinking is the best option - but that wouldn't be any fun, would it?!?


1) Wine

This makes me happy! Wine is a good choice when trying to lose weight. On average, there are 100-120 calories in each standard glass of wine. There is a small difference between red and white wine. Red is high in antioxidants and the ellargic acids aids in delay the growth of fat cells. While white wine is lower in carbohydrates, which means fewer calories than red wine.

2) Vermouth

This is a fortified wine that has a little bit of a higher alcohol content than wine. There are only 64 calories for every 1.5 ounces! This little is a little hidden secret!

3) Straight liquor

Getting the most bang for your buck, while trying to keep the calories down? Straight liquor on the rocks or in shots is the best way to go! Be careful though, when you start to go into the flavoured vodka or spiced rums, the calorie count (and sugar content) increases! Scotch on the rocks is always a safe choice.

4) Light Beer

There are some beers now that only have 55-65 calories per bottle! A great way to enjoy a refreshing pint without going overboard. But just because they are low in calories doesn't mean it's an open door to drink more than you normally would!


1) Sugar packed sweet drinks

Daiquiris, Long Island Iced Teas, sugary martinis! They may be tasty but they pack more calories than you will ever know. Your body is too busy trying to deal with the alcohol that it doesn't metabolize the high sugars in the drink. So be careful, a few are okay but don't go crazy!

2) Beer

Light beer is a good thing but the heavy, high alcohol craft beers is loaded with calories! They may be tasty and refreshing but they aren't helping you lose weight!

What is your drink of choice when you are trying to slim down? Share your recipes!


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