The Best of the Best Yoga Poses

Yoga has got to be one of my favorite types of exercise. It's so relaxing, but it's also an excellent workout thanks to the bodyweight exercises it involves. I walk out of each Yoga session feeling both relaxed and drained - the perfect combination! Here's a nifty secret that Yogis don't often share: there are a few poses that work better than others. Below you'll find a few of the best Yoga poses to improve your health beyond just the benefits of exercises:

Twisting Chair Pose

Twisting in this pose works to stretch your lower back, improve your circulation, aid in healthy digestion, and help drain your liver and kidneys. It's a tough one, but it's worth working on that stretch. Get it right, and it will help you feel  so much better!


Locust Pose

This pose is exactly like the "Superman" exercise, just with your hands by your side. It's excellent for opening up and stretching your chest muscles, strengthening your legs, butt, and back, boosting your energy levels, and elongating your spinal column.


Crescent Lunge Pose

Also known as "Warrior One", this is a Yoga pose any P90X-er will recognize. It's wonderful for your heart rate, speeds up your metabolism, sets those legs and shoulders on fire, and gives your hips and lower back an amazing stretch.

Bridge Pose

Need to stretch out a sore or tight lower back? This pose is wonderful as a lower back stretch, but it also opens your shoulder and chest muscles - ideal for stretching after an intense upper body workout. The pose also gives your thyroid gland a gentle massage, increasing the production of metabolism-boosting hormones.

Plow Pose

It's a tough pose, but it works wonders for your endocrine system! The inverted pose gives your adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid gland a nice massage, and stimulates blood flow to these glands. This results in endorphins - the feel-good chemical - flooding your system, helping to de-stress and balance your body out.


Spinal Twist

Lying on your back in this twisted position is an amazing stretch for your lower back and legs, and it will help to work out the kinks in your digestive system as well. You'll find that this is a great weight loss pose, as it gets your stomach and intestines working to digest your food properly.


These aren't just some of MY favorite Yoga poses, but they're poses that will help you feel so much better as well! Try them, and you'll see that they work wonders.

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