Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

Looking to drop a few pounds? Then it is important to get your day started off on the right foot! Gone are the days when skipping breakfast was cool. If you want to lose weight, its important to keep your blood sugar balanced with get your metabolism fired up before you get out the door. High protein and fats Here are some guidelines for breakfast foods that burn fat! High Protein Foods: Eating protein in the morning may be beneficial when you’re trying to drop weight. Protein induces energy expenditure and boosts satiety, which contributes to healthy weight management. High Fibre Foods: Eating fibre-rich foods in the morning is another effective weight-loss strategy. In fact, fiber-rich diets increase satiation, help reduce hunger and are beneficial for weight loss. High Fat Foods: Protein and fibre go a long way with balancing blood sugar, but if we want to go the extra mile its important to add a source of healthy fats to every meal! Some Fat Burning Breakfast Ideas:
  • Eggs, Avocado with Veggies
  • Nut Butter & Squash Pancakes
  • Smoothies with Protein Powder
  • Yogurt, Pumpkin Seeds and Berries
  • Chia Seed Porridge with Protein Powder
  • Almond Butter and Apple
What Foods To Avoid: If anything, as a society we eat far too many refined carbohydrates foods like muffins, doughnuts, biscuits, crackers, cookies, cereals, white toast and potatoes. Eating these foods alone in the mornings, when cortisol levels are naturally highest, will cause a huge spike and subsequent fall in your blood sugar that will leave you drained and hungry soon after. No matter how much time you have in the mornings, there is no excuse to not eat breakfast. Your body and your waistline will thank you! Have you seen our fitness videos? We post full-body workouts daily! And they're FREE. Check out the video below (and subscribe to our email list) for the latest in fitness and weight loss.

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