The Best Cardio Workout For People Who Hate Cardio

All of you cardio haters, time to celebrate! According to an Auburn University study, the 4-minute calorie-torching wonder known as the Tabata protocol lives up to the hype! Study participants performed eight 20-second rounds of jump squats separated by only 10 seconds of rest. Each round was done with participants working as hard as possible from start to finish. They burned an average of 13.4 calories a minute during the workout and they, get this, doubled their metabolic rate for at least 30 mintues AFTER the workout. -hE3f0FOpa7vs98uiqT1PrJGyFQEtCUcarJkfy8h--8 "You would have to do five times the amount of moderate-intensity exercise—like power walking or light jogging—to burn the same amount of calories as you did in just 4 minutes," says study author Michele Olson, Ph.D., FACSM. “Even more if you want to achieve the after-burn benefits, too.” Your body requires energy to recover post workout so the higher the intensity of your exercise session, the longer your metabolism stays elevated after. In this case, the participants worked up to 95 percent of their maximum capacity (meaning as hard as they could go) so it took a long time for their bodies to return to normal even though they were resting. All sounds pretty great to me. Have you added Tabata to your routine? Tell us the benefits you've seen.

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