The Best Chest Exercise for Women for Bust Enhancement

When it comes to training specific body areas for body enhancement the pectoral muscles of the chest often don't rate highly on most women's list of priorities.  We're usually too obsessed with legs, butt and abs. But there are many reasons you shouldn't completely forego training your chest.

At the very least I believe all women should strive to be able to at least pump 10 full-range push ups -- and hell no, I don't mean from your knees! And don't you be calling them girl push-ups. And yes, push ups are primarily a chest exercise and not a "arms" exercise. Pushups become a whole lot easier when you understand this and really engage your large, powerful pecs to do the work.

 Many ladies who first come to me can't do a single good push up, even if they've been training for years. But I make sure that quickly changes. All my girls get put on a rapid 0 10 push up program. Pushups are a fantastic bodyweight exercise you can take anywhere that trains more than just your chest muscles (it also hits the shoulders, triceps and core).

Plus, it's a demanding exercise meaning it burns a lot more calories than something that's a cakewalk. Also, if you wanna be any kind of bad ass you need to be able to do "man" push ups (again, don't call them man pushups!). There's nothing like a chick who can get down and give you 20 in the middle of a wedding dance floor.


If you can't do pushups yet, no worries, we all have to start somewhere. But instead of working on your pushups from your knees I suggest working on incline pushups and slowly lowering the incline as you get stronger till you're hands hit the floor. This gives you more variation and better mimics the body position of the full pushup. The smith machine is particularly useful tool for this.

Once you've conquered the pushup, it's time to add weight! This is where it gets fun.

There are many reasons a woman might want stronger pec muscles but aesthetically speaking there's one movement I believe is superior to enhancing a woman's bust. It's the incline bench press.

Generally speaking we can train our lower, mid and upper pectorals. From personal experience I find training the upper area very beneficial to giving the illusion of a fuller, perkier chest.

Developed upper pecs do this is two ways. First they fill out the area between the collar-bone and the boobs and by doing so slightly deepen the line between the pecs -- it looks like cleavage but it's muscle. I don't have an ample bosom by any means but I've found that consistantly working this exercise has filled me out a bit.

To perform the incline bench press grab and adjustable bench and set it to about 45 degrees. The flatter the bench, the more you'll hit the mid pecs and the more upright the more you'll hit the delts (shoulders). I like working with 4 sets of 12 reps, possibly super-setted with something else. If you really want to tear it up, superset with pushups. I'm currently pushing with 25 lbs in each hand.

Some women and trainers swear that decline bench, which works the lower pecs, works wonders to hoisting the boobies from below. It's not something I've trained consistently so I can't really comment. But decline is a lot more finicky and many gyms won't even have a decline bench. Or if they do they have one and you can bet you'll have to fight the blokes for it.

For ladies with implants, the general consensus is you should avoid training your chest at all to avoid displacing implants. But then if you have implants I guess you don't have to worry so much about being perky.

Ladies, I hope I've persuaded you to work on those pushups and incline bench presses.


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Hi, I’m interested in this. But I kinda confused with what you mentioned here.. “The flatter the bench, the more you’ll hit the mid pecs and the more upright the more you’ll hit the delts (shoulders).”Does this mean it’s better and more effective (to achieve the photo you shared showing the “cleavage”) if the position of the body is flat like lying on the floor? Please I need your advice, I want to achieve that chest part of yours! I so love it! Thank you in advance.

Donna September 10, 2020

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