The Best Dairy-Free Ways to Get More Calcium #10: Black-Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are one of the most forgotten members of the legume family. In fact, the only reason most people know the name is due to the fact that there is a famous band with the same name. And yet, they're a supremely healthy food! In just half a cup of canned black-eyed peas, you get 185 milligrams of calcium, or 18% of your total Daily Value. However, the benefits don't end there. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Source:[/caption] The peas are also rich in folate, a B Vitamin that is needed for the production of cells, and which plays a VERY important role in pregnancy. Folate helps to produce red blood cells, and you get about HALF the folate you need from a single cup of peas. In black-eyed peas, there is also:
  • Manganese, which is needed for digestion, metabolism, and joint health
  • Vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy skin, eyes, and immune system
  • Potassium, which helps to keep your muscles healthy
It's the legumes that should be famous, not the pop singers!  
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