Best Foods for PMS

Don't let PMS cravings send you straight for the cookies and salty snacks. Stay away from salty and high-sodium foods, which have the opposite effect of what you're looking for. That bag of chips will only prolong your swollen suffering. Ab Workout Daily Hiit France Holiday Woman Exercise Crunch Stomach-17 Instead indulge in these feel-good picks: 1) Fish and Greens Since the body can't absorb calcium without the help of vitamin D, it's critical to get enough of both nutrients, especially if you experience uncomfortable PMS symptoms. Some fish, including salmon, Atlantic mackerel, sardines and herring, are terrific sources of vitamin D. Aside from contributing to calcium absorption, the vitamin D in these fish may act through additional pathways to reduce PMS symptoms. Studies suggest a diet rich in vitamin D may reduce the risk of PMS by about 40 percent. 2) Sweet Potato Well known for its hormone balances affects, sweet potatoes are a great choice with dinner leading up to your period. 3) Raw Chocolate Yes, there is actually a reason why women crave chocolate before they’re period …they need the magnesium! Raw chocolate is one of the richest sources of magnesium and antioxidants on earth! Not only does chocolate taste amazing, but it can make you feel and look amazing too. The trick is moderation, don’t go eating the whole bar at once! 4) Ginger Ginger In China, ginger is an age-old remedy for menstrual cramps. Even before the term 'superfood' was coined, ginger has been enjoyed throughout the ages for its aromatic, pungent flavor and its health promoting properties. 5) Turmeric Tea Potent anti-inflammatory agent. Mix with ginger and/or black pepper to make it 2000x more effective. Keep in mind that you might want to steer clear of cocktails if you're feeling like a downer, as alcohol acts as a depressant and may exacerbate your feelings of sadness.

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