BEST of HIIT Max 5 Minute Total Body Blast

For those of you have been going Lisa's HIIT MAX challenge, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!  I started with Day 1 and have just loved it! She brings in some of the old school BR with the new, and it's just a great workout. I love the variety and challenges, and of course how a new workout was put out every single day! If you haven't checked it out, go to Day 1 and hit PLAY! I picked some of my favorite, but also VERY effective moves from HIIT MAX and put them together doing each move for 1 minute, with 5 separate moves, for a 5 minute BLAST! Use this as a burnout OR repeat 2-3x for a full HIIT workout! plus-2

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Complete each move for 1 minute: 1) Burpee Toe Taps with 180 Degree Squat Jump 2) Pike Push Up to Monkey Push Up 3) Bench/Step Power Squats 4) Elevated inverted row on Equalizer 5) Bench Step overs AS with all my 5 Minute Blasts, for beginners, you can start with 30 seconds of each exercise and repeat it for a second time for 5 minutes total. For the bench work, you can always perform on the ground, not elevated. For the inverted rows, you can do pull ups, rows under your dining room table with feet elevated on a chair as well! NOTE: These are advanced moves. TAKE YOUR TIME and modify where needed! Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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