The Best Way To Debloat: 1 Dietary Shift That Will Guarantee Results

For celebrity trainers and hosts of Extreme Weight Loss Chris and Heidi Powell, there is only one way to change the body instantly and beat the bloat. It's all about the food you eat. Well, not so much about the food you eat as the food you overeat, namely salt and sugar. Even if your core is strong, it can be covered by a "layer of water and potentially a layer of fat," Heidi says. Here is there absolute, hard and fast rule, for getting your belly ready for beach season: get sodium intake down to 1,500 milligrams per day, and cut sugar down to 20 grams. Eliminating this excess allows your body to naturally shed water weight which will reveal all the hard work you've been doing at the gym! Once you make this shift, you will see immediate results, says Chris. How do you do this? Cut out processed foods and grab whole foods instead, like fresh produce and whole grains. When buying packaged food at the grocery story, Chris insists that you "take a look at those nutrition labels!" When high salt and sugar contents appear, it is a clear sign that you should be putting the box back onto the shelf. Easy enough, why not start today? h/t: Popsugar

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