Beyoncé Using Photoshop Again

This is the third Beyoncé photoshop uproar, but there’s a change up from the regular fake thigh gap complaints (playing golf, and her birthday bash earlier this year). NOW people are pointing out some questionable curtain distortion, suggesting that she’s altered her waistline. Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.14.04 PM   Many a tweeter weighs in on the issue: beyonce comment2 beyonce comment Whether it’s just pulling her shirt tight to accentuate her small waist or a subtle use of photoshop, I can’t bring myself to care. How much time did someone stare at that image to be able to notice a POSSIBLE curtain distortion? This article isn’t celebrity shaming, I’m a big Bey fan, but it does pose this question: why photoshop her photos? She’s freaking Beyoncé – she’s flawless anyway. This whole hullabaloo is either people trying to nitpick and tear apart an already gorgeous celebrity, OR (and this is my positive thinking at work) just a case of concern about photoshop being used to promote unrealistic beauty standards, and the desire for absolutely natural un-doctored photos that just got a bit out of hand.

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