BFFs With a Badass: Why Strong Women Make the Best Friends

Nothing makes a girl feel better than talking to her best friend about a current crisis, bad break-up or even just a rough day. Having a strong woman as your best pal always give you that right mixture of superhero, bad-ass b*tch and shoulder to cry on. My 3 closest friends are all incredibly strong women who have taken on amazing challenges in the past, and always encourage me to fight for what I want. Here are 3 reasons a bad ass best friend is the greatest: #1 She'll remind you of your self worth.  She doesn't tell you straight up if she thinks you can do better than your loser BF or your going-nowhere job! And she'll give you that kick in the butt you need to make a change in your life. For that reason, she makes a great workout buddy! #2 She's an inspiring example.  She doesn't tell you, you shouldn't take crap and then turn around and take it herself. She practices what she preaches. She stands up for who she is and doesn't make excuses. #3 She's got your back.  You can count on her to help you pick up the pieces, to call at 3 am or to back you up in an argument. She won't turn on you and will always be loyal! What do you love most about your BFF? Tag her in the comments below!

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