Bieber Goes Bottomless In Butt-Tastic Photo - Because Guys Need To Squat Too

Pop star Justin Bieber gave us all an early morning surprise as he hopped aboard a boat and set sail for a far off island completely nude. "Land ho!" I'm imagining he's shouting in this Instagram shot. just bieber naked nude instagram The Biebs is reportedly spending time in Bora Bora after a busy time chilling with his pastor buddies in Australia. Justin appears to have just taken a quick dip in the water before spotting the mountainous island. The post was captioned, "Look". Justin isn't afraid of showing his naked self. He's often times been photographed shirtless showing off his cut abs and muscular frame. He pranked his own grandmother with a bizarrely nude guitar serenade a few years ago. Clearly, Justin has been doing his squats. Squats keep your core cut, your lower body strong and your butt looking, well, Bieber-esque. I suppose with a body like his and a fan base that will literally pass out over anything he does, Justin is entitled to show off his bare butt, to his grandma or to his 32.1 MILLION Instagram followers. What are your thoughts on Justin getting cheeky in Bora Bora? Which celeb would you love to see share a naked snap?

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