Big Brows: 3 Steps to a Fuller Furrow

We'd all kill for full, dark, Cara-Delevigne-brows. Powerful, mysterious, fun, sexy, bold, fearless. We want those carefree-looking brows reminiscent of our childhood days. Those low-maintenance you-don't-know-me-but-you-want-to brows. Those statement brows that are an accessory in their own right. Sometimes I look at my boyfriend's eyebrows and think: what I wouldn't give for those caterpillars right now. Unfortunately we can't have full brows. Why? Because the 90s happened. Namely, this: image     We all did it. We plucked away until we were left with those skinny little Gwen- or Fergie-inspired string-brows that made us look over-groomed and under-nourished. Now, no matter how long and patiently we wait, we're stuck with skinny little #throwbacks on our faces. There is hope, though - we just need a little help. If your eyebrows are having trouble growing in on their own, there are fast and natural ways to get your brows back to those full furrows they once were. Here's three simple steps in bringing back your brows: 1. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and hydrating. Vitamin C and Iron are key to red blood cell formation that will keep your hair growing. Biotin can actually stimulate hair growth. According to, there are a number other vitamins that can have direct or indirect effects on your hair growth. Take a multivitamin   2. Massage your brows. This may seem odd, but simply rubbing your brows can stimulate blood circulation and help with hair growth. image 3. Gently apply castor oil where you hope to grow hair. Using this natural oil to thicken brows is an age-old trick. Combined with steps one and two, this oil maximizes your potential brow growth. Castor oil is a vegetable oil drained from castor oil plant seeds. It generally sees faster results than using vaseline or coconut oil which are other common remedies.     Featured image source:

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