The Biggest Breakfast Mistake You Are Likely Making

You've heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, not all breakfasts are 'good' breakfasts. “No matter what meal it is, your plate should be half fruits and vegetables, a quarter whole grain, and a quarter protein,” says Krista Yoder Latortue, M.P.H., R.D. The protein is the one we really need to pay attention to because it is likely the one we forget. The protein doesn't just give you the energy you need to get out the door, it helps all day. “If you just have carbs at breakfast, your metabolism is off for the whole day,” says Yoder Latortu. “How hungry you feel is based off two factors: how much you eat and what you eat. If you don’t eat protein at breakfast, you’re going into lunch feeling ravenous. When you’re ravenous, you make poorer choices.” Part of the trouble with protein is that we can only use 30 grams of it at a time and if you aren't adding it to your meal at breakfast, it can be really difficult to hit the totals you need for the day. How much you need depends on your weight and activity level but most women require between 80-100 grams a day. This doesn't mean you need to have a massive meat heavy breakfast either. You can have eggs with a little cheese and a side of fruit, according to Yoder Latortu. It is also best to try to get your protein from your food and not from a powder. The obvious sources are animal based like cheese, yogurt, eggs, milk, chicken and beef but don't forget there are amazing plant proteins too. "Hummus is a great source, or tofu, or edamame,” says Yoder Latortue. Sounds like a bunch of delicious breakfast options. How do you get your protein in the morning? h/t: Women's Health

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