Bikini Blast Sexy Ab Workout

Hi BodyRockers! Time to HIIT those Abs Hard before summer arrives! You might be thinking...Really? It's 2 weeks until summer ....Is it really possible to achieve a tight, toned and sexy waistline in such a short time frame?? C'mon. Well, why not try? That's what I say. Just go for it!! You have nothing to lose....nothing! If you want a slimmer sexy tummy or six pack abs or rock hard abs just keep training them hard a couple times a week with some effective exercises. Overall fat loss is an important part of this equation, yes, so keep the diet clean with water rich foods, green veggies, and clean protein choices while you continue to give 110% to your training. Keep forcing change and something will give.....eventually your body will believe you. I love training my abs, and honestly I train my core quite a bit in many of my workouts because I had a back injury and I know how important functional fitness is to a strong spine. Designed to sculpt those precious abs of yours with 8 exercises....give it a try! 8 Exercises, 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. *** You can do 40-50 seconds of work if your up to it as well :) A 4 minute Ab routine designed to hit upper, lower abs, obliques, core and stabilizer muscles. Add this workout to the end of your Daily HIIT workouts or after a good cardio session. Do it 2 to 3 times....or once...just depends on your fitness level. Exercises:
    1. Japanese pushups + Straight leg jump in. Warming up for what's about to follow engaging total body and core.
    2. Oblique crunch with legs off mat (see video)  this exercise is great!
    3. Oblique crunch other side
    4. DB crunches Isolating those upper abdominals with weight will really help with definition
    5. Lower Ab lifts with DB. You will hold the DB with head off the mat to keep the upper abs engaged after training them.
    6. Straight leg V-Sit. Bringing it all together this exercise rocks!
    7. Chair plank + knees to elbows. Try to touch that outside elbow with the knee if you can and hold a beat.
    8. Bicycle Abs. An oldie but goodie! Gotta love these!

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