Bikini Body Blast. HIIT It HARD Workout

Hi BodyRockers! I've got another Bikini/Beach Body workout for you guys to try! A co-ed workout designed for fast fat loss results! Sticking to a 30 second training time and incorporating exercises that will challenge you physically and mentally, along with isolation exercises to hit your obliques for a tighter waistline. Less than 3 weeks to summer so you really want to keep your HIIT workouts going to really shock your body and force transformation....because, as you know, transformation is a forced outcome. You have to MAKE it happen and you need to go beyond your comfort zone for the best possible results. Mentally, it's a great challenge because you are forced to stay in the moment and let go of your limitations. Okay, so I'm using the wall for mountain climbers for the first exercise....legs a little higher than parallel so you stay connected to the wall. Make sure you engage your core on this exercise and don't allow your low back to dip down, if it does, do mountain climbers on the floor. The Workout: 5 Exercises 30 seconds work/10 seconds Rest Warm up 10 minutes Complete sequence and then go into 2 minutes of continuous cardio.... step ups, skip, jog on spot etc. Repeat each sequence 3 times! Exercises:
  1. Wall mountain runner/4 + burpee
  2. Abs in/out scissor + V-sit
  3. Star burpee/star pushups
  4. Side plank hip drop + Crunch
  5. Side Plank hip drop + Crunch

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