The Bikini Bridge is the New Thigh Gap

Just when you breathe a sigh of relief when the thigh gap craze has settled down and people get back to their normal lives and happy with their own get sucker punched back into reality.  Reality in the form of the Bikini Bridge.  This confused me.  Ok...thigh gap is...not rational...but at least the name gives a hint to whatever irrational standard you’re setting for women.  But the ‘bikini bridge?’  WTF? bikini9f-5-web Turns out its the gap thats made (when you lay down) between your stomach and your shorts of bikini or whatever thats made by your jutting out hip bones.  Right...ok...This is why I hate the internet some days.  Who even thought up the ‘bikini bridge?’  Why is it even a thing now?  It all thanks to those ‘thinspo’ fads that prey on our own very personal and vulnerable body image issues.  Unfortunately its become the latest craze. It’s been rumored that the trend began as a hoax by the image-sharing site, 4Chan.  Only now its not a hoax anymore.  It’s been taken on as the newest standard in a long line of what makes up the ‘perfect’ female body. images Social media, while not singularly responsible, has lead to the rise of these objectifying standards for women and put them in front of their eyes 24/7.  There are serious consequences for young girls and women who believe that their worth is tied to how skinny their bodies are and who forgo food in order to achieve that unattainable level of perfection.

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