Bikini Butt Lift Workout

Hi BodyRockers! Summer has finally arrived! Are you ready to hit the beach?  I think it's important to hit the beach this summer feeling body proud regardless of where you are currently at in your fitness journey and in the meantime keep doing your hiit workouts with your awesome personal trainers at BodyRock :) Feeling inspired by the beach season, I decided to put a bikini butt lifting workout together that will help you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time plus tighten, tone, build, and lift your glutes. This workout is also designed to tighten and tone your hamstrings and inner thighs as that is an important part of an overall butt lifting program. I have 2 parts to this workout as my camera can't seem to capture enough time on one video, but I explain each exercise in part 1 so you know what your doing :) The workout is 9 Exercises 40 seconds of work...or 50...up to you and your fitness level....and 10 seconds of rest. Run it through twice. Here are the exercises:
  1. DB Skater 3 times + Single leg deadlift  - warming up your legs and body here, plus targeting your hamstrings, glutes, working balance, core and co ordination.
  2. DB swings together - really targeting those glutes! Make sure to squeeze! Use a light to moderate weight as there are 3 sets of DB swings in each sequence for a total of 6 sets.
  3. DB skaters 3 times + Single leg deadlift - other side
  4. DB Glute bridges - again isolating those glutes
  5. Squat jump jack 2 times + 3 frog jumps - now that we've warmed up the glutes and hamstrings we're going to get the butt lifting going with some plyometrics! Burning tons of calories now :)
  6. DB swings alternate hands
  7. Plank jacks 5 times + crossover plyometric jumps 2 times - again burning a lot of calories here and toning inner thighs plus lifting and strengthening the glutes.
  8. DB swings - together
  9. Scissor kicks - focusing on toning the inner thighs and catching your breath for your next round ;)
  Have fun with the workout!    

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