Bikini Ready #1: Total Body Blowout

Living on the east coast, I think I can speak for many when I say, "I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS SNOW!" What a better way to get my mind of the winter, than to think about Spring just around the corner! With longer and warmer days on the horizon, I've been so motivated to get up and MOVE! Just 8 weeks out from the birth of my 3rd baby in January, I have a long road ahead of me. Taking it one day at a time, modifying as I go along and seeing progress every day. I have set a goal to run a 1/2 marathon in May (one I did last year, about 6 weeks pregnant). So with the training runs, I will also incorporate several HIIT and strength training workouts to build up my  strength and core muscles. I developed this 'bikini ready' series to do just that! This is the first of 5 workouts I will post, all to get you (and me!), in great shape for summer just about 12 weeks away! I have included a video demonstrating the moves listed below. With this Total Body Blowout, complete 15 reps of the following 8 exercises. Rest and then repeat again. 1-2x for beginners, 2-3x for intermediate, and 3+ for advanced. Take your time with the movements and concentrate on form. It's not a race. This workout will target all muscle groups. Remember to engage your core the ENTIRE time. As I mentioned I am building up my core strength since pregnancy, so I will modify when I need, but challenge yourself. Use added weight if you can! Enjoy!  

Total Body Blowout

15 Reps, Rest and Repeat

1)Down and Up Plank with Knee Flexion

2)Reverse Lunge/kick + Press (right)

3)Reverse lunge/kick + Press (left)

4)Tricep Push up + Plank Turn

5)In/Out Abs (2 reps) + Reverse Plank with 2 straight leg kicks

6)Plie Squat on toes + Front/Lat Raise

7)Alternating Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell Fly

8)Burpee + Spiderman Push up

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