BikiniReady #4: Pyramid Circuit

Pyramid Circuits are a great way to get in shape, add variety and most of all, HAVE FUN! With pyramid training, the choices are endless on how you can design your program to get results! I love, love love using pyramid training in my boot camp classes, and it's also a great way to add a challenge and group motivation when competing or completing the work together. I have previously written about pyramid work, and included many pyramid style workouts that I designed. Below, is yet another one where I have also included a quick video demonstrating the movements. When I train, I usually do some sort of cardio (i.e. skip rope, quick jog, or other cardio movement) to begin and get the body warmed up and loose. With the program below, I started with a minute of skipping rope. Shoot for 1-5 minute warm up with some light stretching to follow and then complete the following….  

Pyramid Circuit

(1-5 minute warm up i.e. jog, skip rope, high knees, etc)

40 Alternating Reverse Lunges with sandbag + press

30 Pop Squats with sandbag

20 One Arm/one leg row sandbag (10 reps per leg)

10 Pike Push up with donkey kick

(Rest and then repeat if able. Record time to mark progress for later performance)

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