BikiniReady #5: CORE Focus

With all the talk of 'bikini ready' bodies, you can get focused on building those glutes with squats and lunges, strengthening and toning the upper body with push ups and shoulder work, but one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your body that should NEVER be neglected is your CORE. Core work is vital not only to look good in a bathing suit, but because it's the powerhouse and protector of all your vital organs!  A strong core protects your vital organs,  helps prevent injury and can alleviate one of the most common visits to the doctor, back pain. As a personal trainer, I have seen many amazingly athletic men and women who still need to work on core strength. We all do! Having a strong core is not about doing 'crunch after crunch' either. You can work on strengthening your core with belly breathing and always engaging it throughout the day and throughout all your activities. After the birth of my 3rd this January, I am beginning to work on regaining my core strength along with my muscular strength and endurance. SO any of us women can neglect focusing on the core and rebuilding it's strength after pregnancy which can lead to many problems, one of which is lower back pain. Your abdominal muscles have to stretch to accommodate the growing baby. This plus any abdominal separation that may go on (diastasis recti), should be corrected before jumping right into all the traditional abdominal work. This is something I am currently also working on myself! Aside from diastasis recovery, there are a few exercises I have found to be really effective in building a strong core. I included a few of these below along with a real time workout, where I perform all 6 moves. For this workout, shoot for a 2-4 minute warmup to start, or just complete the warm up I have included in the video. Take your time with the moves and perform each with spot on form. If you need any more modifications aside from what I have discussed, please feel free to ask. I wanted to get this workout out as part of my #bikniready series, all in time for summer just around the corner in about 12 weeks!  


- Russian Twists (50 seconds)

-Heal taps (50 seconds)

-Val slides on Mt. Climbers (50 seconds)

-Straight arm stability ball crunches (50 seconds)

-Roll in/out on stability ball (50 seconds)

-Plank oblique twists (50 seconds)

Perform each for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between. Shoot for 2-5 rounds.

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(Please note: Since I am 8 weeks out postpartum, I am not currently completing this workout until I finish my diastasis repair. Should you need further help with this, feel free to drop me a line or reach out to me on my FB page!)


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