Bird's the Word: How to Cook Every Part of Your Chicken

Chicken is a staple in many of our homes. There is so much you can do with this protein-packed poultry. But did you ever consider that perhaps there are different ways to cook different parts of the chicken for optimum taste? From thighs and breasts to wings and offal, each deserve their own unique attention; recipes to suit their needs. Check these out and try them for yourself!
  1. The breasts
chicken chicken Chicken breast is super easy to prepare, is low in fat and serves as a versatile protein base for a variety of dishes. Chicken cutlets cook evenly, making the process even simpler. Try this recipe:  Herbed Chicken Cutlets with Panko and Parmesan. 2. The thighs chicken chicken Thighs are great because they're inexpensive, and work well for when you're trying to be a little more hands-off and stress-free, therefore opting for slower and longer cooking times. Higher in fat, they provide a super rich and tasty flavour if that's what your'e going for. 3. Wings chicken chicken Want to get saucey? Wings will help you with that. With an outer layer meant to dress up, the inner workings consist of all white meat, making it easy to incorporate different flavours into the mix. Wings are best for roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, and frying. Try this recipe out: Rosemary-Brined Buttermilk Fried Chicken. 4. Liver chicken chicken Not sure what to do with those extra bits of the bird? If you're thinking of roasting a whole chicken, it's great to learn all the ways you can incorporate the whole bird, including the unknown organs, such as the liver! Tr this recipe: Chicken Liver Pate. How do you like to cook your chicken? Source: Self

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