Black Light Yoga

I didn’t even need to read beyond the title of the well+good article to get stoked about the fact that black light yoga is a thing. I mean, everything is better when it’s glow in the dark: mini golf, bowling, frat parties, so why not yoga? Boston-based yoga teacher Goldie Graham not only has a super awesome name, but also brings some really cool ideas to her vinyasa flow classes that kick some serious asana. blacklightyogaGoldie-Graham I love my power yoga jam classes at Power Yoga Canada, where you can flow to amazing music – I now can’t help but feel like I should be doing wheel whenever I hear Eminem – so this idea is incredibly cool to me. For those who are a bit more critical, maybe into the more spiritual aspect of yoga, Graham says, “We’re able to connect spiritually to our practice no matter what kind… There aren’t many rules. I find that I experience a deep spirituality while running. Things can be spiritual without being obviously spiritual.” I also personally think that a lot of yoga is about finding the calm in the storm – if you can breath through a crazy hip-opener in the midst of flashing neon and pumping beats, then you can breath through a traffic jam or a stressful meeting. blacklight web She got the idea from a youtube video of a similar class in Canada (WHERE? Canada is too vague for me – I NEED TO FIND THIS CLASS – black light yoga Toronto pleeeeease), but for Boston natives you can check out her black light yoga class on Wednesday nights at Back Bay Yoga Studio. blacklightGoldie-blog1

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