Black Tea Sunless Tanner

The best and worst thing about bikini season is having to take off my clothes. It sounds bad, but let me explain. I've been working pretty hard to get in shape, and I'm starting to see the results. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin, but the problems begin when I look at the color of the skin. I'm about as white as it gets, and I don't get to spend much time in the sun. Basically, when it comes time to take off my shirt, everyone around me has to put on

The Tanning Secret: Black Tea

A friend of mine told me about a nifty secret that he learned for tanning: using black tea. It works because of the tannins in the black tea - the same nutrients that make the tea such a healthy drink. The tannins color your skin, and gives you a nice healthy glow that no self-tanner or sunless tanning lotion can give. It's really effective, and you'll be amazed by how well it works! How can you use this simple tanner to make yourself ready for the last few days of fun in the sun?
  1. Brew yourself a pot of tea. Bring your water to a boil, and add the tea bags or leaves into the water. Remove the pot from the stove immediately.
  2. Let the tea sit for about 10 minutes, giving it time to brew. Remove the tea bags after 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Put the tea into the fridge or freezer to cool it down.
  4. Pour your tea into a spray bottle, and apply a fine mist of the tea to your skin.
It's just that simple! spray-630x472 You'll find that the tea is really easy to make, and it takes just a moment to apply. It will give your skin a healthy glow, and it will color it just a shade or two darker. You can apply two or three coats to your skin to make it look even more richly tanned! Note: The black tea will be absorbed into your skin, but only superficially. When it comes in contact with sweat, sun tan lotion, or water, it's going to wash off. At least it's a temporary fix for being blindingly white, right?!

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