We Blast The 5 Biggest Fit Myths About Ab-Toning!

If you're curious why you haven't successfully achieved a six pack yet, it could be because you are believing one of these major fitness myths to be true. We debunk everything you thought was fact about getting a toned up tummy! Myth #1: Crunches Are Key Crunches are not the be-all and end-all ab-sculpting secret! They don't target all the muscles needed to create killer abdominals. Planks are a move which hits your midsection in all the right areas, and are recommended for toning. Myth #2: Save Ab Exercises For The End Of Your Workout People tend to think that their core should be the last thing they sculpt after working their whole body. There is no proof that is this more beneficial. When you put off your core to the end of your gym session, you will be more burnt out and will attack the exercise with less enthusiasm. Myth #3: You Can Eat What You Want As Long As You Exercise Nope. As the saying goes, abs are built in the kitchen. Get in your lean meats, nutrient-rich produce and yogurt for best results! Myth #4: All Carbs Are Bad Healthy carbs from whole grains, fruits and starchy veggies are essential to keeping your energy up! Just don't overdo it on refined pastas, sugar and refined cereals which cause blood sugar crashes and bloating. Myth #5: 6-Packs Are All That Matter Exercising is beneficial for your body as a whole. So don't stress out over getting an instant 6-pack, but know that the activity you're doing is helping your posture, strength and health. What are some fitness myths you would like us to bust? Share them with us! To get over 115 hours of real time workouts any time you want them, check out SweatFlix℠! Source: Women's Health  

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