Blast Fat with a Juice Cleanse

We are exposed to countless harmful chemicals on a day to day basis and a lot of it is unavoidable. Not just in the heavily polluted air and water, but also in the foods we eat, the cosmetics we smother on and the plastics we use! It is overwhelming to think about when you start to realize the reality of our situation. fennel2 juice So… what can we do about it?
  1. a) Read my blog Reducing Your Daily Toxin Exposure
  2. b) Cleanse your system a few times a year with pure organic, raw fruits and veggies juices and foods!
Nowadays, there are a million different cleanses out there, so how do you know what to trust? What actually works? While there are many different times of cleanses, juice fasts are effective and safe for most people. They can be a little intense if you have never fasted before but they are incredibly healing and give the body a chance to catch up on regular maintenance work like detoxification and repair! Toxins unfortunately get stored in our fat cells. So when we release the toxins, we are able to shed weight easier! YAY! Benefits of a Juice Cleanse:
  • Jump-start weight loss and cleanses your body
  • Resets your metabolism
  • Boost energy
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Regulates bowel functions
  • Removes heavy metals from your body
  • Get glowing skin and brighter whites of your eyes
  • Restoring hydration, alkalization and oxygenation
  • Reduces bloating and water retention
  • Rebuilds your immune system
  • Detoxifies your cells
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces cravings and helps you to stop bad habits
Note for Newbies: If you have never done a detox before then I recommend starting with a 3 day cleanse, then next time around you can go for a 5 day! If you want to cleanse but are not ready to go without food, you can try my FREE Raw Food Detox! Just subscribe and you will be emailed your copy instantly.

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