Blast to the Past Fitness Advice

Thinking about writing this post, the Brad Paisley song keeps playing over and over again in my head " If I could write a letter to me". Well if I could talk to or write a letter to myself even just at 17, to cover my years in College, I would tell myself to make the time for a work out. I was so consumed with sleeping in and other things as a teen I just did not make the time and commitment to include healthy living in my life.

If I could go back in time even a little further I think I would start in high school or in middle school to tell myself to get involved in sports. I would give myself as much push as possible to get active and make it a huge habit at a young age. All this in hopes that this so called 'active habit' I wish had formed when I was younger would carry over to myself now. I do love working out but because I waited until my mid twenties to make it a focus and habit in my life, I still struggle getting going some days to get that work out in.

I can only hope that knowing what I know now I can help and encourage my kids in this area. While being a healthy living role model to start the 'fitness habit' at a young age. I plan to implement a very active lifestyle in my kids lives, praying this will help them form a habit and love for fitness.


What advice would you give your younger self to improve your fitness or healthy lifestyle today?

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