BLAST Your CORE For AMAZING Unstoppable ABS!

If you want Amazing Abs, a Flat Tummy, a Defined Waistline, and a Flexible Healthy Spine.... 

Hitting your Core muscles is your First Choice!

Targeting your core in a workout also burns WAY MORE CALORIES so you are certain to get Maximum Results!! Core exercises train the muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and this is so important if you want to maintain back health and good posture.


In my 20's I hurt my back quite badly wrestling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it took a couple years to heal, then in my early 30's I reinjured it at work, but this time is was much worse. Although it was a soft tissue injury of my upper back it took a few years to regain my strength and be pain free.

The one thing I did do was a lot of core....2 Minute PLANKS and all different ways. Having gone through that painful experience I incorporate many core exercises into my clients workouts and they have had such positive results.


Core conditioning has been a buzz word for awhile now, but it's not a fad, it's here to stay.

Core conditioning is the foundation for my training methods, not only for back health, but also to increase stamina and performance in any sport because the more efficient your body is, the less energy it needs to perform at a high level. Core exercises are a sure fire way to maximize your potential and perform at your best, plus a strong core will protect your back from any contact sport as well

But back to achieving Amazing Abs!!

Six pack abs are what most men want and a flat toned, defined tummy is what most women want.

To achieve a trim tight toned waistline you'll need to incorporate a combination of right training and a Clean Diet. Training your core muscles in a functional way and always utilizing ALL muscles including the obliques, lower back, glutes, lower abs, and pelvic floor muscles.

This will shock your body, and shocking your body  is what forces doing side planks with various crunches and leg lifts, or variations of burpees, pushups and plank  jumps to the side, v-sits, bridges with a chest press, mountain climbers, and so on will burn tons of calories AND sculpt your abs at the same time.!

  When I competed in fitness competitions I had to get quite lean and have clearly defined abs so I would incorporate isolated DB crunches into my ab routine, but my overall foundation was still all core work. Placing 5th in Fitness Figure I was pleased with my results. 429882_10151250101855368_1787022164_n 2010 Fitness competition        

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