Board Sports Workout

Even if you aren't a skateboarder, snowboarder or surfer, you are sure to get a full body workout with this one.  I don't like working out inside, so I did this outdoors in Cathedral park, in Portland Oregon. So get extreme, and try this one out!

12 Exercises

Equipment: exercise mat, skateboard, ledge/step, and timer.

Set your timer for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Try doing 2-3 rounds of all 12 exercises!

This workout is great for core, upper body strength, balance, and "pop"!

Surfer Burpees

Pushups with board jackknife

Board Hamstring Curls

Stationary Squat Goofy Stance

Stationary Squat Regular Stance

Deck Squats

Hand Stand

Board Pikes

Surfer Jumps

Dive Bombers

Box Jumps

Breast Strokers



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