Your Body on Booze: The Body Altering Effects of Alcohol

Having a few martinis for a girls night out or delighting in a much needed glass of wine after a hard day at the office (okay, 3 glasses...shhh) is normal for most women. Alcohol is very culturally accepted in today's society and is viewed as a social practice. No one really delves into what happens to our bodies after a few vodka cranberries. You can feel the boozy effects on your system after a couple of tequila shots, but what you can't see is the ways in which most of your body is altered by them. Alcohol depresses behavioural inhibitions, which is explains why you're more inclined to dance when that Beyonce song comes on than if you had held off on that last White Russian. It also affects our brains by causing us to process information slower, much slower. Check out the info graphic below to find out the full effects. bodyonbooze_final Source:  Alcohol can also hinder your fitness goals. So reconsider hitting the gym after hitting the bottle. Booze can lead to cramping in your muscles as it leaves you dehydrated. It throws off your sleep by preventing you from falling into REM sleep, an essential state for restorative resting. An imbalanced sleep schedule can cause weight gain. It also leaves your body feeling hungry and damage how your body absorbs nutrients. Improper nutrient absorption leads to a slower metabolism, slower recovery time and impaired vision and growth. While a few drinks can be a nice way to let loose every now and then, moderation is the key to keeping your system balanced. Let us know your opinion! Leave a comment!  

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