Body Chains - How to Wear This Hot Summer Accessory

Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce have all been spotted rocking this sexy new summer trend. There are endless ways to wear a body chain, and countless designs to choose from. This gold or silver accessory adds a "wow" factor to any bikini or crop top!

Tip #1 -  Be sure to not over-do your other jewelry pieces when wearing a chain, as the attention should be on the chain. Too much jewellery can overwhelm the look.

Tip #2 - Pick a chain that has a little jewel in the centre and pair it with a bikini for high-up crop top to show it off.

Tip #3 - Chains are perfect for showing off a tight and tiny waistline. Their shape and structure will compliment yours effortlessly.

Tip #4 - Body chains can also be worn over t-shirts, blouses and light summer dresses. Pair a flowy boho dress with a kimono and chain for the ultimate on-trend look.

Body chains are available at retailers such as Forever 21, but can also be purchased from custom creators on

What summer trends are you loving this year? Show up how you rock a body chain! Post a picture in the comments below!

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