Body Confidence: One Model's Secret for Feeling Your Best

Over the years in the fashion industry, people have fought to change the way we see beauty. Flipping through magazines or attending a fashion show once served as a means to showcase one body type: tall and thin. But with that came celebrities caught up in the rail skinny fad, which then left the rest of society staring at themselves wondering if they were doing something wrong. But today, we have made waves in changing the way we perceive what is beautiful. We are in a constant effort to prove that you are exactly as you should be: in your imperfectly perfect natural state. [bctt tweet="Body Confidence: One Model's Secret for Feeling Your Best"] Plus-size model Denise Bidot is no exception in this motivational movement. This summer, her ad campaign for swimwear e-commerce site Swimsuits for All, called #NotSorry, went viral. The campaign, which shows an unretouched Bidot, seeks to prove that women shouldn't apologize for who they are; they ought to feel sexy in their own skin, no matter if a roll is showing, or cellulite is visible. Bidot once had trouble getting work as a size 14 model, but after answering a Craigslist ad in search for women who love their bodies, her career took off. She has now modeled for big time brands including Forever 21, Levi's, and Nordstrom. She was also the first plus-size model to walk two runways for straight-size brands during New York Fashion Week. How do you feel about both Bidot's and others' work to promote beauty in all its forms? Source: NY Mag  

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