Body Positive Lingerie Proves There Is More Than One Way To Define Sexy

The body positive message is gaining momentum and you can find it around nearly every corner. It is even making a splash in some unexpected places like the lingerie industry! Neon Moon is an indie brand that raked in money this past spring with its crowdfunding campaign for a body positive line. The people have spoken, it would seem. We've spent so many years wearing undergarments that hold us in and push us up. Are we really ready for something that enhances our natural curves instead of hiding them as flaws? To date, the majority of body positive lingerie advertising has put traditional lingerie on differently sized women and left it at that. Which is fine. But feeling sexy is so much more than that. It is about feeling comfortable and beautiful in whatever you are wearing, no matter your shape. Why should feeling sexy or looking sexy be defined by altering your silhouette? We have a pretty narrow definition of what defines sexy when it comes to our undies. Think about it. Your partner likes your body. When you undress and are naked together, he is full of desire for your body as is. Maybe you have a belly or your butt sags. Maybe your breasts retreat to your arm pits when you lie on your back. But think about it, does it slow him down? Not likely (if it does, you have my permission to cut him loose). It is your body, your spirit, your energy, your soul that he finds sexy. It isn't the lingerie. I feel sexy in lingerie and I'm sure many of you reading this will feel the same. But I can't help but wonder if I would feel even sexier in lingerie that allows my body to be seen truly as is. I'm a busty gal, my breasts do not sit high on my chest in their natural state. I love the way they are pushed up in lingerie but sometimes I'd just like to be able to breathe a little. Not a single lover of mine has ever complained about the heavy fullness of my breast. The opposite, in fact. I like the idea of being able to drape them in something that allows them to just be. It feels sexy to be seen and desired just as you are. When it comes to sexy time, we can role play or dress it up. Take on any number of personas. We spend our days wading through sexualized ideals that very few of us can attain. Perhaps, it is time to just strip it down. Simplify. Be lacy and pretty in the shape that is yours. Be comfortable because no matter what, you're sexy. Is this a lingerie movement you can get behind or do you prefer the old school model?

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