Body Positivity: 8 Women Share The Best Thing About Their Boobs!

Boobs are truly amazing facets of our bodies. Men are mesmerized by them, but they are so much more than mere sexual objects to be ogled. Our boobs provide sustenance, they possess the power to bond us to our babies, they are a true marker of femininity no matter their size or shape and each pair is wonderfully unique.

Here are what these 8 women love about their breasts!

#1 "Boobs are magical. Every time I breastfeed my son I'm in awe. Like seriously...we can feed humans and sustain life with them."

#2 "I love that I got to pick mine. Living in a world where I got to change a part of me that used to make me feel terrible is amazing. I got implants when I was 20. They'll never be perfect or symmetrical when they're not in a bra but they finally make me happy!"


#3 "I used to want big boobs so badly that I actually sang the 'We must increase our bust' song from Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. But now I love my little B-cups and wouldn’t trade them in for anything."

#4 "I see them as a reminder about the wonderful capabilities of the female body. Not only do women have the ability to bring a new life into the world but they can also feed that new being. I think breastfeeding is one of the most important connections you can have with your child after they're born, though certainly not the only one. (My mom wasn't able to breastfeed me, for example.)"


#5 "Mine are big and I like that they are feminine, but also unruly -- they will not abide a button down shirt and they help me take up space in the world."

#6 "I like that mine are small! I generally hear nothing but complaints from my big-boobed friends, so maybe I'm really not missing out on much."


#7 "Working out with small boobs is a breeze."

#8 "It’s empowering that it's possible to change your breasts or how they look. You have control over whether or not you want to show off your cleavage."


What are some reasons you love your boobs? What are other body parts you love to celebrate? Let us know your thoughts! #blessedwithboobs


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